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Financial Reorganization Bankruptcy is best for Victims and the BSA

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2 hours ago, NJCubScouter said:

I think that gets a little tricky when you are talking about a not-for-profit corporation.  There's no stock to transfer.  There really aren't any "owners."  And even if you could figure out a way to do that, the Congressional Charter probably complicates things.  Transferring it would probably require passage of a bill by both Houses of Congress and signature by the president.  If I were the BSA, I would want to stay as far away as possible from the federal legislative process right now.

Agreed.  You'd know much better than me but I guess my point is once bankruptcy is declared it might be very difficult to predict what the ultimate settlement looks like and it might go far beyond just finances.

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1 hour ago, MikeS72 said:

Sounds like fun.  I wonder if yours is the district I saw mentioned on an OA Facebook page, where they will be doing call out dressed as knights rather than in the usual NA regalia.

Ha! I wish; sadly my chapter isn't nearly organized enough to put something like that together. But I LOVE the idea; had I read this a few months ago I would have eagerly suggested it to our leadership!

52 minutes ago, Cburkhardt said:

We are using the same theme in DC this weekend.  Since the OA is running our event, they must have picked up the idea at a conclave.

Well, it's always a great theme, and the boys love it - there's a lot to run with when you have a good over-arching theme like this, so I'm excited to see what the kids come up with this weekend!

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Some rambling , on topic thoughts.

Some "Council" camps are in separate trusts ; they should be isolated from BSA bankruptcy. 

The state of West Virginia has a budget surplus...maybe?

BSA's financial concerns are not just abuse liability claims and insurance non-payments but also injury/death liability claims, loan repayments (Summit),  fewer $$$ sponsors,  legal expenses, consultant expenses, Philmont and other HA upkeep, Jambo, reduced membership, pensions, salaries,...

With bankruptcy, IMHO ,other sizable CO groups will break away and start their own youth programs. Membership will decrease and worse maybe a run on advancement will ensue. 

Cannot say that I have heard of similar problems with 4-H or Boys & Girls Club.  

Scouting is an idea not an organization. Scouting will continue with or without the Boy Scouts of the United States (defunct 1910),  American Boy Scouts,  Sons of Daniel Boone,...,Boy Scouts of America,  even the WOSM,.

my $0.01


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On 4/26/2019 at 3:27 PM, The Latin Scot said:

We're going with a "Scouts of the Roundtable" theme

And will you impersonate Clark Gable?   And dance when 'ere you're able? 


Camporee...…    Vexilollogy is a much under appreciated study. We were well pleased by the response of the Scouts visiting our event, before the wind forced us to take down the canopy .  Even AFTER we took down the canopy. 

Among other things,  the Patrols were given a choice of folding up a small 6' x4'  US flag ("every Scout knows how to fold up the flag, right?") or a LARGE  15' x 24' US flag.  On a calm day, this can be a challenge, but with 20-40 mph winds, it was fun to watch.  I was chagrined by the number of Patrols who insisted they wanted the challenge of the BIG flag (more points! ) versus the more sure thing of the SMALL flag.  Teamwork....   

Now if Irving can avoid the bankruptcy....   

When my dad was in his last illness, one of the things I did to give him some comfort was to assure him that, yes, he was dying debt free. I went to the County Courthouse, taught myself how to read the land and contract records, and went thru all his dealings.  Liens released, taxes paid and receipted, I learned more about my dad's business dealings than even my mom was aware of, but yep, all was  clear.  And I came to realize how important it had been to my dad for him NOT to declare bankruptcy, but to pay his debts as he had promised.   And he had never been a Scout...…..

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Massachusetts limits jury awards against nonprofits to $20,000.

"Bay State attorneys and lawmakers are looking to abolish the charitable immunity limit on cases against nonprofits. New York, New Jersey and the majority of other states have eliminated the cap."


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Mr. Kosnoff said the abusers they have identified victimized more than 400 boys or men, who are now aged 14- to 97-years-old, while they were members of the Boy Scouts. The abuse took place in 49 states and Puerto Rico from the 1950s to 2017, the lawyers said.

The lawyers said they were taking as many as 30 intake calls a day from potential new clients who say they were abused. “Nine out of 10 are identifying perpetrators who do not appear in the perversion files,” Mr. Kosnoff said, referring to the ineligible-volunteer files.

On Wednesday, during the Boy Scouts’ annual meeting in Denver, a bankruptcy lawyer and a turnaround expert spoke on a panel about how bankruptcy would work, should the organization choose to file for chapter 11, the Boy Scouts said.


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