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Looking forward to learning from each other!

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I've been a Scouter for seven years and I'm very happy to find this forum! Rap sheet: current District Vice-Chair Membership, ASM, Merit Badge Counselor. Former Cub Scout Den Leader, New Member Coordinator, Popcorn Kernel and Pack Committee Chair. Wood Badge Buffalo Patrol. I have two sons in our troop. Recent accomplishment that I'm super excited about: I have had the honor of helping ten new units charter so far in 2019 (one boys' troop, one crew, and eight girls' troops). My favorite part of Roundtable is collecting good ideas from other Scouters, so I look forward to learning from all of you. I hope I can contribute to the discussions and maybe answer some Membership questions!

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I’d say that half of our units send leaders to Roundtable. We have 31 packs, 40 troops, 9 crews and a ship. The Scouts BSA breakout usually has about 30 leaders but we’re only seeing around 10 in the Cub breakout. I haven’t been to the Venturing breakout so I’m not sure what their turnout is like. I see at least five Crew leaders at the opening. We’re talking about changing the Cub breakout so it’s more like the Scouts BSA format where each month a different unit shares best practices and leads a discussion.

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