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Usually, a Recruiter Strip is awarded to a Cub Scout or Boy Scout the first time he is successful in getting a friend, relative, classmate, or other acquaintance to join his unit.

My son helped our friend's daughter to join a Scout BSA troop. Since his Troop does not have girls unit, the kid joined another troop in the town.

I would like to know is my son eligible for the Recruiter Strip? If he is which troop will award him one (his troop or the girl's troop)?

Thank you very much.

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The requirement says:

"To recognize youth members who recruit a friend into Scouting."

It does not specify that it must be his unit. (Though I think it once did).

If he wants the award have your son talk to his Scoutmaster (with the requirement in hand) and see if he will award it. If not, you could talk to the other unit, but it could be a bit of a rub with his Scoutmaster. 

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