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I have read a few comments from time to time when some reference is made to the job that each of our moderators is doing. I thought about this again recently so at this time I invite anyone to express their view as to how they think things are going for this forum since we attracted moderators.


My view was and remains firmly neutral although I was at first concerned that moderators could negatively affect open expression. That, as far as I can tell, hasn't happened and I think these two guys, Old Grey Eagle and hops_scout, have done a superlative job. They don't get paid and I suspect they put up with a lot of, well, nonsense, some of it possibly from yours truly.

And I appreciate the service they are doing and want them to know it.


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Knowing that in the very near future I could be half way Down a rappelling tower and Hops might be at the top!!

But putting that aside.

Kudos to both for managing the Mr. Smith Thread and keeping it to only one thread.

I was sad to see the thread on Commissioners closed - But if the line was crossed it was crossed.

I do at times have to remind myself of the 5th English Scout Law. A Scout is a brother to all Scouts.

That doesn't mean that we will always see things in the same light, it doesn't mean that I am always right or that the other person is always wrong.

If something sounds like twaddle, looks like twaddle and passes the twaddle test. I deem it to be twaddle and ignore it. I do like reading and seeing things that make me think about where I am and if the other guy could be right. Giving the little gray cells a work out is good.

Having Hops and OGE has helped us not fall into the situation we had a little time back with Jason and his many clones or was it clowns?

Both these Scouts are doing a good job and I think the Forum has improved because they are here and because of what they do.


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I don't want our moderators to change anything they're doing either.


Eamonn: When I learned the Scout Oath here, the Seventh Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook defined "Friendly" as: He is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.


That was early 1968.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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