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You may have read the news in the Headlines section of the $14 million dollar suit against a Utah council. It alleges that a fire was left burning by scouts at a council camp caused a forest fire. The state and federal governments are seeking damages from the council.

The latest news coming from the area is Scout Units are selling lemonade for $250 an 18 oz. glass. Local radio personalities are urging their listeners to buy.

We have had discussions on fund-raisers before on the forum. The rule of value for the purchase is being violated here. In some accounts I have read the reasons the council has not settled, is not lack of money, their insurance will cover, but that they dispute that the scouts caused the fire.

Is this sale permissible under BSA rules and is it a good use of the scouts time? I think not on both counts.


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I don't see the problem if this is a council fund raiser. While I agree that it does seem outrageous at first glance. However I think that everybody and anybody who buys a glass would understand that it is a donation. Just like the $175.00 a plate dinner or the $600.00 golf outing.

I hear that the BSA is re-recording the Rolling Stones "You Don't Always Get What You Want." with new lyrics. The new lyrics will go something like:

You don't always get what you pay for

You do always get, what we sell.

And if you try sometimes you might just find you help those in need.

(I love that song.)


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Just as you are covered under homeowners insurance for liablity, the BSA liablity insurance will pick up up the lawyer's fees and the judgement to the policy limit. So the council and the BSA is not out anymore money than they have paid for premium. The added cost down the road is higher premium or not getting renewed.

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