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This question was brought forth not too long ago. I don’t believe it was covered in any YPT or related training.

Once a serious report is brought forth to Scout Executive against a youth, how exactly does the council handle/investigate this?

Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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I'm not aware of the official process.  I've had two cases where we dealt wiht the council staff on issues like this.  In one case it was never suggested that abuse occured and the SE asked the district executive to get involved and understand the details.  In that case, it resulted in the DE giving guidance to me (as Committee Chair) on how we should address the situation.  

In the other case the SE talked to the relevant units adults to gather information.  Based on that information he consulted with national and a course of action was decided upon.

I suspect that each case is handled on a case by case basis and the SE makes a determination on how to proceed - probably in conjunction with counterparts in the National office.

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Something that will happen is the Scout Executive or designee will interview the reporter and will complete an incident report.  What happens after that depends on what is included in the report.

There is an official form.

I know from experience.

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