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CS19 Training Courses in My Profile

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I logged into my.Scouting to see if there were any new courses. I recall reading somewhere about new ones being posted. I was a bit surprised to see four positions that had 0% complete for training. These appear to be the same positions that were there before (Den Leader, Cub Master, Pack Committee Member, PC Chair). My Learning tab shows all of the courses I completed last fall, but some of them have a blue "New" box.

I am trying to figure out what the expectation is for completing these new courses. It seems crazy that I would have to redo position specific training I just completed 5 months ago, but if that is required I will do it. Can anyone point me to some information that helps understand if this is required. 

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Any partial progress you’ve made toward your current training plan won’t carry over to the new one. That means you’ll want to complete any in-progress training by year’s end.

If you’ve already finished your training, you’re good to go. Sit back and relax. If you haven’t started, I’d recommend waiting until the new courses become available on Jan. 2.



If you were trained beforehand for your position, you are still trained. If you change to a new position, to be trained you need the new training. If you were only partially through the online training you'll have to start over. It sounds like you are fine though.

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