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I always love this time of year, when Girl Scouts come knocking on the door looking to sell cookies...

I can't help myself. I ALWAYS order several boxes of Thin Mints.

What do you guys think is the best flavor of Girl Scout cookies?   

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I loved the all-abouts. Shortbread with chocolate layer with one of the principles of GS/USA stamped on them. Haven't seen them for a while.

So, I just order for thin mints and somoas -- from the first scout who pitches to me ... never from a mom. I love hearing what they plan to do with their sales.

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Somewhere in America, there is a giant hazardous waste dump full of gluten extracted from all these "gluten free" foods...

I'd hate to contribute to that, so I'll stick to regular cookies loaded with chocolate, peanut butter, sugar, and tasty, tasty gluten! 


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Who will buy this wonderful gluten?
Such a cookie you never did see
Who will wrap it up in mylar?
And put it in a box for me
So I could eat it at my leisure
Whenever things go wrong
Or keep it in my freezer
To last my whole life long ? 
Who will buy this old Girl Scout Cookie??
It's so good, my glucose is high,
Me oh my, I guess I won't eat it,
So what am I to do to keep this box  so blue?
There must some place it can hide ? ? ?  
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