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Too Many Cooks ?

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I wasn't sure where to place this story, but I thought it might fit here.

I just returned from a tour around the local Klondike Derby.  The sleds were all on wheels, but the weather was cold (went down to about 15F Friday night). By all reports the Scouts had a good time. Games, races, sharpshooting contests, fire building contests.....   No chilblains, nothing broken, the EMTs on site told me they had slept peacefully. 

While I was walking around the camp about 5pm Saturday,   I came upon a BIG pile of snow next to the headquarters cabin. The Parks department snowplow had done a good job the past week.  Up on the pile were four Scouts, busily engaged in excavating a tunnel. Lots of conversation, snow flying. 

I stopped and asked, " Almost dinner time, eh?  Who's cooking back in camp?"  Because in all the other campsites I had passed, the Scouts were busy preparing the stews and chili that aroma-ed the air, my intention was to find out if these Scouts might indeed should be back in camp.   The tallest Scout  stood up, pointed back behind him and said "My mom is cooking our dinner."

I hesitated at that answer, and said, "and who is going to clean up?"  At that, the four Scouts looked at each other, climbed down from the snowpile, and ran off into the woods.  

I continued my walk... 

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