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Hey all! 

When I was reading the Feedback for Adult leader thread I was thinking about resources that have helped me learn more about Scouting and grow as an adult volunteer. I'm hoping members of the forum can contribute things they found helpful here so that we create a wiki resource for folks visiting the forum. As I said in that thread, I think the resources for folks to learn more about Scouting are out there, but people may not know where to look for them. 

Suggested materials (books, videos, podcasts, websites, blogs, ect.) to post:

  • Any official BSA resources you've found helpful.
  • Any official Scouting resources from overseas.
  • Any historical Scouting resources you've found helpful. 
  • Any unofficial Scouting resources you've come across and found helpful.
  • Any materials you or another Scouter have created that you find helpful. 
  • Non-Scouting materials that support the mission of Scouting. 

Please feel free to elaborate on why you found that resource helpful. 

Ground rules:

  • Please do not post anything that violates Scouter.com's terms of service.
  • Please do not post anything that contradicts official BSA rules and regulations. (Exception being historical materials, like old handbooks.) 
  • Please credit the original creator if you're citing their work. Not really necessary for official publications of a Scout Association. 

My contribution:

  • "Working the Patrol Method" by four Eagle Scouts. Great book that outlines the role of adults in a patrol method troop. Has insightful short stories that illustrate concepts. 
  • "The Scoutmaster Podcast" by Clarke Green. Long running podcast that covers a variety of topics in American Scouting. Episodes are sorted by topic, making them easy to find.  
  • "Baden-Powell: Two Lives of a Hero" by William Hillcourt. - I found it helpful to have historical perspective on the life and motivations of the founder of the Scouting movement from one of the people who knew B.P best. 

What has helped you in your Scouting journey? 

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http://meritbadge.org - Annotated advancement requirements. Don't skip the footnotes, they're the most useful part.

https://www.animatedknots.com/ - Needs no further explanation.

http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/dumpinventoryview.php - Scans of all kinds of material from the golden age of scouting.

https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/29558 - The original BSA handbook. Subversive anathema in our modern age.

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An old copy of the Handbook for Patrol Leaders. And by old I mean a printing stemming from the 1929 version (eg, 10th printing is from 1941).

Also, an old copy of the Handbook For Scoutmasters. I just have volume 1 but the original printing is from 1936.

These books are dripping with enthusiasm and common sense. Hillcourt wrote them both (and likely the 2nd volume for SM's). For more information about Hillcourt, go to the home page.

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