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Earning Money after Trailer Stolen

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When local Boy Scouts Troop 1204 had its equipment trailer stolen in November, it lost camping supplies such as tents and lanterns and has an estimated value of about $5,000.

Mt. Juliet, TN police Sgt. Cory Cook heard about the theft and began to think of ways the department could help the troop replace its trailer and camping equipment. So, he contacted Boy Scout Troop 911 to organize a service project at the department’s firearms training facility, and the scouts were able to collect more than 2,200 pounds of brass ammunition shells.

The shells were swapped for cash, and it brought in $2,800 for Troop 911, which donated the proceeds to Troop 1204 to help cover the loss of the trailer.


Note scouts were outdoors, wearing gloves in photo above.

Decline lead removal or other work in areas where lead has collected on surface as that requires special suits and protective gear.  ~ RS

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That's a brilliant idea!  Kudos to the police sergeant who came up with that idea....service plus a fundraiser....total win-win situation!

It occurs to me that troops in states that have a container deposit law could also make money by cleaning up a local stream, or beach, or roadside. Save all those plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc. and trade 'em in for the deposit.  

Wouldn't be much of a money maker here...our state doesn't have a deposit law, but we could still turn in some materials to recycling companies for a small amount of cash. 

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