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Just got 1 girl

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On 3/28/2019 at 3:21 PM, PinkPajamas said:

You're not suppose to say that part out loud, it will bring on the end times or something.

Boys working with girls?  Are you nuts?  They will expect to vote soon after.

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BSA policy is separate dens

any looking the other way is what BSA has done for decades and why they have  the problems they currently have

there are lots of rules/regs /policies I disagree with I still follow them

I Have zero respect for leaders who only follow policy when its convenient

scout oath scout law, woodbadge beads mean absolutely nothing when such leaders violate policy

if you have a few girls and combine them with boy dens  you lack leadership and all the children within the unit suffer



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To be fair - the BSA'S membership challenges today are the result of changing expectations you adults and youth.  They are further compounded by struggles packs and troops have in delivering high quality programs in the context of a more and more competitive world of youth activities.

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