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My kids love scouts, but....

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1 hour ago, David CO said:

Let them quit. Scouting isn't like school. If they don't enjoy it anymore, they should try something else.


I agree.  When they were cubs, I would ask my boys at the beginning of every school year if they wanted to continue with Scouts. When they were Boy Scouts, I would ask them in November (just before rechartering).  They both are Eagles.  

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On 1/15/2019 at 4:33 PM, RookieMom said:

 Unfortunately the committee chair is best friends with the CubMaster, so I don't know how far any of us would get on that track.

This may actually work in your favor. Perhaps the CM will listen to the CC if concerns are brought to him in friendship. 

A few principles to consider applying in your approach:

1) There are no "bad kids." There are kids whose behavior is a reaction to some problem, whether that's environmental or biological or whatever. But kids' behavior is a reflection of how they are feeling. 

2) This is a problem looking for a solution. Not a complaint. Approach this from the angle of "What can I/we do to help?" All the adults in the unit should be invested in helping every child succeed. Your experience with a child with special psychological needs may be valuable here. Maybe there is something you can do to provide the kids with the attention they are seeking during meetings, but in a positive way. 

3) Moving packs is not a threat. It's just a potential reality. Be clear that your children are not thriving in this environment and that if this cannot be solved, you'll have to take them to another environment, whether that's another pack or out of Scouting all together (last resort IMO). Be careful to remind yourself that this isn't out of spite, and that will help this be communicated in the most effective way. 

I took my daughter out of a dysfunctional pack a few months ago. We joined a pack clear on the other side of town, which is far from ideal and absolutely does NOT work for our schedules and getting the kids to bed on time. So those of us who are on my side of town and are refugees from the dysfunctional pack get together to do den activities at a parent's house, and some (but not all) of us make the trek across town once a month or so for pack meetings and special events like the Pinewood Derby. It's not ideal, but it's better than what we had. I hope to have a better solution by the time my 4 year old joins Scouts, but we had an immediate need for a change and didn't have time to explore too many other options. 

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