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Child Protective Service Training kicks in - Jeanne Nutter

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9 minutes ago, Monkeytamer said:

Good on her!  We need more people like her.

Maybe @LeCastor and @WisconsinMomma can recruit her? 

I'd like to think that we scouters are supplying more people like her through Scouting - the Scout Oath and Law, YP, character building, good citizenship,...

Ms. Nutter kept her head and followed her training while knowingly putting herself between a fleeing teenager and her kidnapper(s) who murdered both the teen's parents. Very Brave. 

Well done.

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Unfortunately, she'd be about a five-hour drive from my District, but I'd happily recruit her as an ADC! :D 

On a different note, I worked in NW WI for a time a few years back (in the environmental interpretation field) and always enjoyed taking trips up to the Gordon area. It's always scary to know you've been to places where evil lurks. I'm glad Ms. Nutter was there when she was!

Now if we could find all the other missing kids in WI...and elsewhere.

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