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What's in a name?

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6 hours ago, Eagledad said:

Like the GSUSA, National is actually diminishing the importance of leadership actions by focusing it into an outward personality trait. The reality is that leadership method will have lost it's importance in the development of a scout because now the position of leadership will be a higher priority than the simple actions of the whole team. 

Barry, I agree with you 100% for once!

Not everyone can or should be a leader.

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What's in a name?  If the Girl Scouts of the USA are unsuccessful in their trademark lawsuit, it will be "Scouts BSA" with members who are "Scouts."  If they are successful in getting BSA to add a modifier before "Scout" or "Scouts," and BSA doesn't want to just stick with "Boy Scouts," options might be:

Varsity Scouts (it's available)

Khaki Scouts (it would be hilarious)

Highlander Scouts (kilts are official uniform pieces for males)

#Scouts (current, relevant, trending)

Q Scouts (don't know what it means, but its kinda cool)



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Another approach is to just change the last letter of "Boy" and see if anything works (excluding potentially offensive terms):

  • Boa Scouts (neckerchief alternative)
  • Bob Scouts (I think someone already suggested this - nickname for Sir Robert Baden-Powell)
  • Bog Scouts (camping in the rain)
  • Boo Scouts (according to the Urban Dictionary, "boo" means someone you love, someone who is always there for you)
  • Bot Scouts (autonomous youth who can execute commands, reply to messages, or perform routine tasks)
  • Bow Scouts (can refer to shooting sports or watercraft)
  • Box Scouts (advancement-oriented, as in "checking the box")

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