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Should I attend an out of council WB course?

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22 hours ago, qwazse said:

I can't imagine any council wanting to lose a leader actually serving youth for a week just so course fees pass through its coffers instead of its neighbors

I wouldn’t go that far…

but yeah, worrying about who’s budget the wood badge goes toward seems to be missing the point.

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On 4/9/2019 at 8:49 AM, Double Eagle said:

I've seen some early scouters take WB and try to check the block and gather knots.  They were good for a short term, but not the long haul.  I managed to go to WB about 18yrs after my eagle.  It is personal development that has to be done at a good time and opportunity.  No pressure to go or finish a ticket in a month, self paced I guess is right.   

I went to Wood Badge at 22. It was the right time for me, and it helped me relearn some concepts I'd learned at NYLT and apply them as an adult vs a youth. Aka. How do I help other use these skills vs use them myself. 

I agree, there shouldn't be a timeline or pressure.

Another consideration before Wood Badge is what role do you play in Scouting? A Scoutmaster, Cubmaster or Den Leader will easily be able to plan meaningful tickets that don't require other leaders to approve them. As an ASM, that was more of a challenge for me. I had a vision for where my Troop should go, but needed the permission of the Scoutmaster before I could work those kinds of troop related ticket items. 

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On 2/13/2019 at 9:50 AM, mrkstvns said:

Do they actually put on events that help scouts earn Nova awards??

We offer STEM and NOVA activities for scouts at our Roundtable.  Very popular and well attended.

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Some Councils are big enough to host WB annually. 

Others can justify a biennial cycle. 

Still others run in area clusters. 


I wrnt out out of Council, because I knew both the staff and the students in my own.  Expand your horizons. 

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