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I didn't know where else to put this so I started this.


Riding to work on the subway yesterday I was approached by a young man, I'd guess in his late teens. He was resonably well dressed, slacks, clean shirt. He asked if I could tie his tie for him. (I was one of the few on the train in a shirt and tie.)


Now the only way I can tie a Windsor knot is to put the tie around my neck, tie the knot and adjust it. Which is what I did, loosened the knot, lifted it over my head and gave it back to the young man. He put it on and the woman next to us helped him adjust his collar.


Apparently he was off to a summer job in an office and had never been taught how to tie a tie.


Since we are in the business of preparing young folks and in Boy Scouts, young men, I suggest making the Windsor knot a Tenderfoor requirement. My own son does quite well with his knots and knows all the knots required for First Class, but doesn't know how to tie a Windsor knot.


Just a suggestion.


For those younger members that may be in the same situation as my son, you can check out http://www.tieanecktie.com/WindsorKnot.php .



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Tying a necktie is already included in a Cub Scout requirement. Depending on the length of the tie many people use only the half windsor knot, which is not quite so symetrical, but not as bulky and easier to adjust, and happens to be identical to the buntline hitch.

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...or perhaps it was just a matching tie & handkerchief! (Face hrdwarenshoud always be optional. I had a friend who believed one was never really dressed without a breast pocket full of color!


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