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The boys totaled three cars last year. Some friends asked me how mad I was, and I told them there's nothing sweeter than the sound of your child's voice instead of someone else giving you the news. I've walked through the valley with friends who had to endure the alternative.

Make good use of your Christmas miracle. And if your son is ever discouraged about the hassled with insurance, car dealerships, etc .,,. remind him that those are small trade-offs for happiness.

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Yes, sometimes we have to be reminded that "God ain't done with me yet".

Scoutson worked hard to buy the truck of his dreams, a nice 1996 4wd F250. Cleaned it up, touched up the paint, daily driver to school and work. 

He set off to school (junior college) one late March morning, met the last patch of ice on the road, touched the guard rail and another on coming truck, and flipped and rolled thru all three axis, landed on it's wheels, not two miles from home. He called us cell phone and by the time mom and I got there, he was sitting on the side of the road being tended by the EMTs, as we watched a police car slip on the same ice patch and slam into the same guard rail.  Truck was crushed, totaled, glass all broken out, not a single piece of sheet metal unaffected.  The other truck went off the road, stayed right side up and that driver also walked away...

Scoutson had a badly bruised knee.  How he came out of the wreck so unaffected, no one can say. There were no other witnesses.

At the hospital, Scoutson and mom and dad agreed there was more than a seatbelt at work.    He said he "woke up"  outside his truck, does not remember how he got out.  Both doors were smashed and not easily openable.  Yes, we prayed alittle more that week.

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