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EIN Assistance - bank account needs

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@T2Eagle Understood.  Yes, not knowing what I was doing the first round here, I did put it in as "BSA Troop xx" and not our CO name.  I will ask IRS to correct that, but you're right it solved the practical matter. 

The larger issue here, .our C.O. is not very engaged on such matters.  As I understand our Troop history, a bunch of parents got together to create the "Friends of ..." organization to be the C.O. because the School District at the time dropped being the C.O due to inclusivity disagreements between BSA National policies and school policies.  This was over 10 years ago and well, well, well before my time.  But there are parents today part of the original C.O.formation still involved, but it's very casual arrangement. Frankly, more casual than I would prefer, but it is what it is.  I've poked around, asked questions about a more formal C.O. relationship, but it ain't happening any time soon.

For the record, we have an absolutely wonderful Troop, Committee and involvement from our C.O.R when needed.  Parents and boys are happy, so I'm not about to go muck things up.

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our "friends of...xxx" board was comprised of the troop committee.

Regardless of the make-up, it would behouve any org to have a set of by-laws and an organizational structure which outlines the board, duties, elections, etc...

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