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Peace hike to local places of worship.

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While others headed to malls, scouts from Long Island (NY) packs and troops hiked to Temple Tikvah, Hillside Islamic Center, Notre Dame Catholic Church, New Hyde Park Baptist Church, Vaishnav Hindu Temple, First Presbyterian of New Hyde Park and Christ Lutheran Church.

“Gain something that you can’t get at the malls, something that is not perishable,” said Jerry Katz of the Nassau County Boy Scouts.

“You can find out what you have in common with each other,” said Cub Scout Maddie Rothstein.

“Yes, I’m learning. I’m learning about God,” said 6-year-old Logan Cook.

For some it was their first visit to an Islamic Center. The children took off their shoes and opened their hearts.

“They guide us to understand how we need to serve each other, this is what scouting, what religion is all about,” said Shaykh Ibad Wali of the Hillside Islamic Center.

Deven Kirpalani, a Nassau County boy scout, was proud one of the stops was his Hindu temple.

“We are tying this all into the ten commandments, and we are bringing this into our daily lives and into our scouting lives,” Deven said.

“Sometimes go to churches with my friends and then sometimes they might come to my temple, ” said Cub Scout Sarah Scotch.

Scouts and their leaders hope a day sharing tolerance and acceptance will promote unity among nationalities and faiths, coinciding with the start of the holiday season.

Boy Scouts of America will soon be dropping the word “boy” from its namesake program, since the tradition now includes girls.


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Hiking through the religions of Rochester (MN)

On Saturday, around 100 people... took part in the eighth Ten Commandments Hike hosted by Gamehaven Council and the Boy Scouts of America. The daylong, three-mile hike through Rochester’s faith communities aims to help the scouts and their adults develop an appreciation for diversity, said Pam Legried, a registrar with Boy Scouts of America Gamehaven Council.

As part of the day, faith leaders or representatives from each congregation gave short presentations about one of the commandments at each of the faith locations. The 10 stops on the hike were Christ United Methodist Church, Zumbro Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian, Calvary Episcopal, Masjed Abubaker Mosque, Salvation Army Church, Holy Anargyroi Greek Church, B’nai Israel Synagogue, Church of Christ and the Rochester Mennonites.

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The Sam Houston Area Council used to run an annual "Ten Commandments Hike" that would visit various houses of worship along the route.  Sadly, the last "good" hike was done around 2015 and it's since been discontinued...I wonder if this is yet another case of 1 or 2 enthusiastic volunteers making past events a success, but when a motivated successor can't be found, the event dies.  Stepping up matters....and it's often just 1 person who makes the difference.

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6 minutes ago, qwazse said:

tell your scouts they can load up on turkey early, then hitchhike to Steeler country

If they are going to hitchhike, they might as well go a little further north to Patriot country!🤩

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