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Each Patrol Member Needs a Job

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1 hour ago, MattR said:

... It gets back to team work. A lot of scouts have never really seen that before and it's hard. ...

I hugely agree.  We focus so much on teaching leadership, but we often don't do as well teaching what it means to be a team member or to support the leader.  It's one thing that our troop historically did well.  We often had the attitude that when one scout is working, then other scouts should be working too.  You don't get to just sit and watch because your own job is done.  

I remember being on a camp out with another troop and having an epiphany that it was not the example I wanted my son to learn.  My son and I arrived two hours late because of conflicts.  My son and his tent mate started setting up their tent.  I was sad because none of his patrol mates had helped his tent mate setup the tent earlier.  And, none helped now.  They just sat around because their work was done.  While I was setting up my tent, none of the adults helped.  They just sat around talking.  In my main troop, it was a conscious practice that we had.  If someone is working, you get up and ask how you can help.  The patrol or senior scouts would have helped the lone scout setup the tent for him and his late arriving buddy.  In addition, the other adults would have stopped gabbing and at least one or two would have come over to help setup my tent.  It's friendly, helpful and part of building fellowship.

While setting up my tent by myself, I was thinking to recent campouts with my main troop.  The SPL would have encouraged the scouts to help.  The SM would have encouraged the adults to set an example by helping instead of just sitting and chatting.  When done and someone is still working, you find a way to help.  And I've even had the scouts come over to ask if they could help.  We'd all chat and laugh while working.  But we had made a conscious decision that we wanted to emphasize in our troop that we help each other at all times.  You don't get to rest just because your individual job is done.  


1 hour ago, MattR said:

... That's why I promote the idea of giving everyone a job, even if it only lasts an hour. ...

I'm strongly in favor of that.  IMHO, it's less a job and more a duty roster.  


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