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Hello, everyone!

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Hi everyone!

I'm Dan, a patrol leader of the Penguins at Baldivis scout group in Baldivis, WA Australia. I am new to this forum, although I have been to other forums before and I am active in a few. I am very good at STEM and I know how technology works (for example, a PC). I am 13 years old and have never been any type of moderator/helper and I would like to be one. I hope everyone here is doing well in badge work! I've nearly got my explorer level (2nd stage) and I'm going for my Australian Scout Medallion. My profile pic is my dog from a few years ago btw...


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@DanTheMan, welcome! We love the younger voices on this forum.

If your leaders are doing anything well, tell us about it either by replying to a relevant topic or creating a topic of your own. We take our inspiration from anyone, anywhere!

Pro tip: life is not all internet, so pull yourself away from that screen and knock out some badge work. Then you'll have some real stories to tell!

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