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Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

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1 hour ago, ParkMan said:

Not sure - but I'd hope not.  

Unless this lawsuit is just a warning shot to remind the BSA not to try and co-opt the term Girl Scouts, I find it very hard to believe this lawsuit is really about the brand confusion.  How many people really get duped into joining the wrong unit.  Other than a few instances of the really clueless, do folks really accidentally sign up for Cub Scouts when they thought that they wanted Daisies or Brownies?  

I think this is really "West Cola" telling "East Cola" not to use the term Cola in the west.

My other thought it that this has nothing to do with stopping the BSA, but instead delaying things.  Imagine if there is an injunction preventing the BSA from using the terms "Scouts BSA" or "Scouts" at all for anything to do with girls for the next 3-5 years while lawsuits work through the courts.  In the spring, no more "Scout Me In" and instead it's the BSA promoting "join our leadership and outdoor educational program for girls"

#1  I agree.  I think it's more about previously agreeing to not compete against each other.  

#2  I'm always amazed someone reads something I wrote.  :)

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New tagline:

"BSA: where, in 2019, girls can become First Class scouts, just like they used to."

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3 minutes ago, 69RoadRunner said:

"BSA - it's not just cookies and crafts."

Nobody tell my wife and daughter that joke, please. I want to live.

In my daughter's case, this isn't a joke. She desperately wants an outdoor program, but the moms in our upper-middle class town just don't do "that sort of thing". So I am stepping up to give her the same opportunities as her now Eagle Scout brother has had. 

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Thought the video and accompanying document were well done.  I like the fact that the BSA continues to take the high road and remain positive about all other organizations, including the GSUSA.  There have been a lot of negative things thrown at the BSA from their leadership and Board, but at least from our side, nothing but positive talk.  Good to see us stick by the Oath and Law on this one. 

Regardless of name, the girls who are really excited to join in February 2019, will likely join no matter what.  They are looking for the program and I think they are pretty savvy consumers.  Many girls in Venturing are proud to call themselves “Scouts”, even sometimes “Boy Scouts”.  It’s really all about the program.  

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