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Helping PTA & Promo concurrently?

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The local PTA phas asked for help at an event. Basically offering activities for siblings who don’t want to participate at the event but were brought because the parents brought them with the kids who did want to participate.   

They suggested having a story time & craft available. The leaders and I were thinking something more Scout like but without giving away our program. 

Anyone have any ideas?  What about picking some elective adventure activities that works well across rack ages and doing that?  

They balked at us bringing our banner/table cloth but said it would be ok for us to have leaders and Den Chiefs in uniform but absolutely NO passing out paperwork. (I have super basic business cards made already if parents ask how to get more info - it’s basically a QR code to our website and the logo). 

We like the idea of helping the community - even if they have restrictions we pushed back on, like the uniforms issue. Explained to them it’s important for us as we wear uniforms on community service projects (field and activity uniforms depending on service type)

anyone have any fun fast ideas?  Of course it’s our ideal target age range too. We won’t have use of the Gym just a corner of the multipurpose room where the main event is happening. 

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Thanks!!!!  We are going to bring a section of track and legos to build derby cars with. 

A giant checkers set (painted blue and gold) and some cub word searches 

and I have a box full of old boys life magazines that were headed to the library sale (when you have 2 boys in at one time you always get 2 BL - glad I saved them)

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Thanks for asking. We showed up. There wasn’t room for the derby track so it stayed in the car.   Basically the folks who set it up asked us when we got there to make sure kids weren’t running around like crazy (their parents were there) and stayed in the program area of the gym not roaming the halls. So they wanted security. It was a flop as a recruiting opportunity. The high school club sent kids to work an activity table. 

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