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Swimming Merit Badge Outside Summer Camp

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6 minutes ago, WisconsinMomma said:

Side story, I was just at our council office and one of the staff was telling someone else how yesterday (many years ago), her dad's ship was sunk and he floated in the ocean for 3 days before rescue.  Interesting stuff.  I did not remember the ship name. 


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1 hour ago, desertrat77 said:

I renewed my Lifeguard BSA at camp this year.  I was surprised to see how poorly some of the scouts swam, ones that had the swimming and lifesaving merit badges already.  Poor technique and not much strength or stamina.

When my son got his initial Lifeguard cert about 5 years ago, he was in a class with a single other person.  He was dismayed that the other boy was a mediocre swimmer and still passed the course. 

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I suggest calling your council service center and asking the clerk to email you a list of all Merit Badge Counselors in the district. My council along with other do this. Bonus Points: if you share the list with your troop SM he can help other scouts who need to find a MB counselor out of camp. 

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