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Linked Troops sharing a website, unit number

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15 hours ago, MattR said:

If you're clever you can also creates something like http://boys.troop123.org and http://girls.troop123.org assuming you now have http://www.troop123.org.

You might want to run that kind of domain naming by your council since GS/USA is making a legal stink about brand infringement.

In general, you might want to find out how other linked troops in your area are setting up their web presence. It might help parents and scouts navigate if troops were consistent.

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Our Committee and ASMs decided to 'share' the existing site for the time being.  At some point we may move to separate sites, but we're trying to move a lot of the roster and rank info to Scoutbook and use the website for general communication only.   On Feb 1, the site will reflect both Troops and calendar items that are not shared between the two will be specifically designated as A or B.   We are going to create a TroopB web address but re-direct it to the original site.   Each Troop will have its own generic log in (we don't do individual log ins, too much work for the webmaster to keep up with password resets).  

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23 hours ago, TMSM said:

Mostly likely the girl troop wont have someone ready to be webmaster yet so the adults could support that part of the websits and if the boys do have a webmaster he can work on the boys part of the website (or visa versa).

I forget if my son learned web design in the 7th or 8th grades, but around here it’s middle school stuff. 

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