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I am a Wolf Den Leader now.  I was a Cub Scout through AOL.  I crossed over to the troop before circumstances i have explained in other threads.  I dropped out before even earning Tenderfoot.  Do I salute 3 fingers or do I salute as my Den?

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LOL, I doubt that you'll ever get a fateful knock in the middle of the night for doing it the 'wrong' way. Two fingers or three? That is a question for some other measurement involving, oh, Scotch or something. Just make sure you have the neckerchief on right. 

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On 9/30/2018 at 10:50 PM, qwazse said:

Hi qwazse,

Thanks. That was an interesting article.

Coming into BSA from a different scouting organization, the BSA take on the relation between the scout sign and the scout oath/promise takes a little getting used to.

WAGGGS and other parts of WOSM have a three-part promise/oath for guides/scouts:
1) duty to God and king (or country)
2) to help other people, at all times.
3) obeying the scout law
And the scout sign with its three fingers reflects those three parts.

(Brownies originally had only a two-part promise and a two-finger sign --- they did not yet promise to obey the scout law.)


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