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Scout dies while digging into sand dune (MI)

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SOUTH HAVEN, Mich.  near Van Buren County State Park

According to police, an initial investigation determined that scout was digging into the side of a dune hill and was accompanied by two other members of the troop. He managed to dig far enough into the side of the hill and crawl into the small space, but the instability of the sand hill caused it to collapse while he was inside. The two boy scouts who accompanied Wilson did not notice his disappearance for up to 30 minutes, police said.

 Leaders from the troop were attempting life-saving measures upon the response of South Haven PD, Knizewski said, and were later relieved by South Haven Area Emergency Services who later called for air-care assistance.



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This is a terribly sad tragedy for the family and they have my deepest sympathy. 

When I was a boy we used to explore an old mine shaft dug into one of the nearby hills. We were probably lucky that no one ever got hurt doing that. 

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This one hits close to home.  We regularly camp and hike on the Michigan dunes, and based on the accompanying picture I shared last summer camp with this young man.

I pray his family, leaders, and troop can find peace some day.

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