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Greetings from Omaha

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Hello all! Love the forum and have taken in lots of info and ideas and am glad to be here. I am an Eagle Scout (class of 1997) and am currently the Cubmaster for my sons Pack, which was the Pack of my youth. I took over earlier this past spring. I am excited about my role as Cubmaster and the opportunity to give back what I have learned through the values of Scouting. As you can see by my user name (my last name is Hill)  that I am a BIG believer in and supporter of traditional Scouting methods especially the patrol method (which I know isn’t as much of a focus at the Cub level however our Webelos are beginning to learn this) keeping and putting even more of the “outing” in Scouting. Most of all, making the experience fun, worthwhile and meaningful for the boys and now the girls, too! I am also a perpetual student of history. I love Scouting history, American history and I am also the historian for a BBQ grill collecting club. I am looking forward to interacting with my fellow Scouters on the boards. 

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