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Scout trailer and gear

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We here at pack 07 have inherited our troops trailer since they are dissolved. Just didn't have the adult leadership to continue. The trailer was never labeled on the side and we would like to do this but all I can find is for troop any suggestions on how to label it so it appears at least some what professional. 


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Go to a local sign shop - they can do custom designs in vinyl.  BE AWARE HOWEVER - the sign shop must be licensed by the BSA if they use any of the BSA's protected logos or phrases.  Info about licensing is here http://licensingbsa.org/  - the shop will go to the "Apply" then "License Types" and look at the "Local Council Product License"

Here are some pics of what our shop did for us.



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Find an artist! Supply the paint, brushes, some BBQ and iced tea for her or him and have the Scouts inventory and clean the contents with their Quartermaster while their trailer is being spruced up.

You might find an Artist MB counselor in the process. 😉

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