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Three Cub Scouts - school flag duty

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One week later...


Sgt. Danial Marshall of the Idaho Army National Guard presented  Hayden Meadows Elementary School fifth-graders Nalan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck and Casey Dolan  with challenge coins and Defender of Freedom Awards at their school Sept. 21. Marshall said it’s rare to see youngsters practicing flag etiquette. He also wanted to let the kids know that what they did was meaningful to him as a soldier.

Marshall gave each of the boys a challenge coin, plus a Defender of Freedom Award. The coins are something that noncommissioned officers and officers hand out to “symbolize unit identity and esprit de corps,” explained Marshall. He also encouraged them to look up the history of the coins, and to learn more about the U.S. flag.

Nalan said that when Marshall showed up, “I had no idea what to say except thank you for the certificate and the coin.” Casey said the award “was surprising and very honorable.”

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I did the flag thing when I was in elementary school.  Principal chose two of us that were in scouts.  We put it up in the morning and took it down in the afternoon.  Fun part was running out of class when a storm came up...good times in the 6th grade, dodging lightning and what not.

Well done young cubs

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