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Looking to plan a 50 miler for next spring. Relatively new to NY State and wondered if anyone on the forum had been involved in a 50 miler in NY, PA, or CT. We deffinetly want to include paddling, hiking and possibly biking.


I have had plenty of "suggestions" such as the Delaware River or the Appalachian Trail. I am looking for a reply from someone who has actually done one in our area with good results.



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Yes, we do a 50 miler canoe/hike in upperstate NY every other year.


There are many finger lakes around lake placid that provide connecting rivers and lakes to get around.


Type in TOPOZONE.com and look for Blue Mountain Lake in NY. You can follow directions thru maps. There are also many good books written about the many lakes and trips in the area.


One of our favorites starts in Blue Mountain lake, continues thru Eagle lake and Utouana lake ( first night camp in shelter.

Next morning 1 mile portage to Raquette lake, lunch at Tioga campground continue to outlet bay for a 1 mile portage to Fork Lake. (2nd night camp at fork lake camp ground.) Usually do service project there. And spend one day resting.

Next day portage canoes to long lake ( by car, boys walk 4 miles).

lunch at Long Lake town beach. Paddle to Kelly point shelter for night.

Next day finish long lake and paddle Raquette river to water falls. Biggest/hardest portage ( 1.5 miles with 700 foot elevation change.) Camp at base of water falls in shelters.

Next day finish trip down Raquette river to boat launch.


Total distance paddled (52 miles) Total distance portaged about 8 miles.


To do this trip we need cars at three areas, blue lake, fork lake campsite and the boat launch at end.


We have our own canoes but there are many outfitters in the area who would love to rent canoes.


Good luck.

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If coming into NJ/PA on Delaware river, you have a variety of options. There are boy scout camps (Kittattiny and Yard's Creek of the Central NJ council) along the route. The distance tween the two is about 20 - 21 miles. For trips on the delaware river, contact Kittattiny Canoe, who help out with scout groups sojourning down the river. Further trips: Camping is relatively easy above the water gap, gets scarce below the gap, non existant through central nj part of the river... except for treasure island (Philadephia Council) located about 3 miles south of the Frenchtown Bridge. Treasure Island is another boyscout camp.

For those "tween spaces" where camping is scarce, I'd suggest asking local troops for help. Contact CNJC council in NJ or in PA, Minsi Trails, or Buck's county council for guidance.

Hope that helps


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Try Pack Shack Adventures at Delaware Water Gap,PA

They run a 52 miler from Port Jervis,NY to Delaware Water Gap,PA

Real good outfitter. Our troop has done 4 trips with them. They supply everthing you will need for the five day trip,all you do is show up with your personal gear.


Pack Shack Adventures

Box 127 88 Broad ST

Delaware Water Gap PA 18327



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