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How Many Uniforms Do You Have?

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We worked on a den flag today and afterwards I was sitting with other leaders talking and looked down to see the spot of glue I got on my uniform shirt.  I mentioned and my CM took me to the uniform closet (a cardboard box in a back corner).  I am the owner of two new (old) Oscar de la Renta shirts.  Going to put velco on all three shirts so I can swap patches as needed.  Times like today where I had a den meeting this afternoon, scout talks tomorrow and join scout night on Tuesday evening would save me a lot of washing.

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I only have one at the moment, but in my own unit's uniform closet (identical in nature to yours), I found a shirt that fits me perfectly, although this one is long-sleeved.. Since I am in my uniform at least a few times a week, I am thinking about turning it into a second shirt so that I can hopefully keep either from getting too worn too quickly. 

I also have a pair of socks in each of the three lengths, three different fabric options for my pants/shorts convertibles, a leather belt and the standard green web, four different neckerchief slides to go with my half dozen neckerchief options, and two hats - my classic campaign hat and the standard Webelos cap.

Math wizards, how many different uniform combinations could @The Latin Scotcome up with if he added a second uniform shirt to his present options? Please show your work. :rolleyes:

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I currently have 4 active uniform shirts. 

1. District Committee Shirt

2. Assistant Scoutmaster

3. Webelos Den leader

4. Blank.  I have my knots and shoulder patch, but nothing else.  Debating to leave it blank or use Velcro.  This shirt I have as a backup, take it camping if my normal shirt gets dirty, etc.


I also have 2 more completely blank shirts (no patches at all) waiting in my closet. 


And I have 4 pairs of convertable pants (stocked up when they went on clearance), and 3 different versions of socks.  Currently using one style belt.


In my closest, I have the 4 shirts hanging, each with its corresponding neckerchief and slide, and hat

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Way too many.

2 troop khaki level shirts, one LS and one SS. The LS one is the only "new" one I own, being purchased in 2009 The go with one of the 3 ODL gen 3 pants, 1 ODL gen 1 pants, 5 ODL gen 3 shorts, or 2 gen 1 Switchbacks.

Also got a 1970s green uniform, but that is about to be retired as I cannot keep up with the repairs to keep it serviceable.

Also got a khaki CSRT commissioner shirt, but will be replacint with District committee patch shortly

2 Venturing uniforms, both with district level PORs on them.

2 Sea Scout khaki uniforms and 2 dress white uniforms.


This is what happens when you staff summer camp, work for the BSA, and take care of your gear. ;)


Hi I', Eagle94-a1, and I am a Scouting Addict.

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I have 1, I have worn it  for 8 years. It has some great scars and blemishes and each tell a story. The sleeves have begun to fray and so its time to get a new one. My ASM and I count the amount of scouting we do each week by the number of times we had to wear the shirt - as in this was a 4 shirt week.

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One complete centennial tan uniform for my person. Another ripped and threadbare one in my bag of rags for wood finishing (I think there were some quality control issues when they first came out).

One old Oscar de la Renta shirt in the closet for memory's sake.

At one time I had a pile of uniforms gleaned from thrift stores but they've all been given away now.

And who-knows-how-many Class Bs.


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Where do I start..... I’ll break it down by era.. Currently all Cubmaster shirts. 

Oscar de la Renta 1980-2008 style:

1. Short Sleeve with 90s era knots, OA flap old style embroidered red numerals, old larger red Trained strip, silver mylar Cubmaster POR. World Crest with NO centennial border ring. 70s-90s era council camp temporary insignia. 

2. Long Sleeve ODL with similar style as short sleeve above except for a pre 1983 khaki green background Eagle knot and a custom Cub Scout blue & silver Trained Strip. The OA flap on this one is my Lodge 25th anniversary/75th OA anniversary from 1990. (My favorite version of our lodge flap) with silver Mylar border. World Crest with NO outer 2010 border ring. 

3. NOS ODL Short Sleeve (blank) still has the tags. 

4. Spare ODL long sleeve (blank but experienced)

5. Experienced and well used ODL short sleeve. Currently in state of repair but serviceable. 

6. ODL era dark green Venturing BSA shirt. Because you never know, the future is an open book and I want to be prepared. And I like the way the ODL shirts fit me. 

(2 Pairs of ODL era pants and red tabbed socks.)


Centennial 2008-present style:

1. Short sleeve Cubmaster with technology “smokes pocket” all current style patches, knots and OA flap. Council Camp temporary insignia 

2. Short Sleeve newer style poplin (without tech pocket) with 2000s-early 2010s era lodge flap. PWD pit crew temporary insignia. 

3. Microfiber vented short sleeve with current insignia except the knots are late 90s era. Cub Scout summer camp patch as temporary insignia. 

4. Long Sleeve early style Centennial with “smokes pocket” currently being put together for winter. Scout Sunday 2018 temporary insignia, knots and no lodge flap, yet. 

3 pairs of Centennial switchback pants (2 cotton and 1 lightweight with the black belt) and several pairs of the current green socks


3 Red Jac Shirts (one 60s-70s era, one current style and one non BSA Bemidji Woolen Mills with double yolk and extra pockets) my personal favorite. 

1 Olive green 2008-2011 BSA Jac Shirt. I do love the green ones, too! 

My final youth uniform (ODL long Sleeve) in the closet. Doesn’t fit anymore. 

I’m also currently putting together a mid 1960s-1971 era wool green long sleeve Cubmaster shirt with the then-current insignia (green diamond shape Cubmaster patch) , local red/white CSP and lodge flap of the day compete with garrison cap and official blue Cub Scout necktie for our Trunk Or Treat Pack Meeting and to maybe wear for other occasions. I’m also working on a circa 1972-76 era short sleeve khaki green “SCOUT BSA” shirt. 


Hats: ODL era red/green ball cap, current olive green ball cap, Campaign (Smokey the Bear) Hat. 


Neckties: 50s-60s Cub Scout Blue and 1980s ODL tan. Several Cub Bolos, Cub Leader necker and various other Neckerchiefs and slides. 




As Don Rickles might say “All kidding aside may I say, Sir from the bottom of my heart, you have a problem!” 😂


My Wolf age son loves the different uniforms and I enjoy talking with him and all of my Cubs about the different patches whenever they ask about them. My uniform pieces will most likely end up with my son someday. I’m a bit of a geek and a historian of sorts in my life both in and outside of Scouting. 

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*1910 (repro) tan cotton tunic with the stand up color with original metal buttons and collar brass.

*1930s wool dress jacket (looks similar to a USMC alpha uniform jacket. With original Bakelite buttons and repro Layman collar pins.

*2 short sleeve Oscar De La Renta tan shirts with brown buttons. I put the centennial patch and world crests on them. One has a new CSP, the other has a 90s era CSP. The other patches on them are 80s era.

*1950s sanforized green cotton long sleeve shirt with appropriate 50s patches, including RWS.

*Late 60s green poly/cotton green long sleeve leader shirt with RWS and 60s/70s patches. I put a centennial ring and world crest on it.

*2 1930s web belts, 2 1980s web belts, 1 new style web belt.

*4 pairs of 1930s breeches.  

*2 OD garrison caps (1 wool, 1 cotton), 1 green Explorers garrison cap.

*5 official BSA campaign hats from the 40s onward (4 Stetson, 1 unbranded). 1 close-enough US Army campaign hat.  Each hat is a different shade of OD or brown, with different ribbons and bands.

*1 1950/60s green uniform necktie.

*1 wool plaid “Pedro” jacket from the 70s.

*1 wool blend OD green jac-shirt from the 2000s. It fits as poorly as a lot of the other modern stuff.

*1 newer poly microfiber shirt. This started it all- I hate the styling and fit of it so I started buying old stuff that was better quality and fit.  

I also have an original 1910s tan uniform jacket and a 1920s tan uniform jacket (looks like a safari jacket) for my son. He’s inherited my love of old-school uniforms. I only let him wear this stuff on hikes and campouts, etc. Otherwise he wears the exact same uniform as the other scouts in his den.




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Forgot to mention a 1916 repro wool tunic and a 1917 wool tunic. The 1917 is original WWI US Army. I’m still searching for large metal BSA buttons to add to these. The ones for my 1912 cotton tunic are removable ring back type, but these tunics don’t have the holes for removable buttons. I have some wool breeches, but they’re too small in the waist.




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Sensitive subject to me. 

I've had three Oscar de la Renta uniforms.  One for pack.  One for troop.  And one that flip flopped.   Worked well for ten / twelve years.  

Then came the centennial uniform.  I was enthusiastic.  I bought four to switch over to support the update.  Then, the pants tore (never had trouble with the previous pants ... in fact previous are still good).  The new belts all broke.  Never had trouble with previous belts.  Letters fell off the shirt.  Seams gave.  etc etc etc.   That really really broke my enthusiasm for investing in sharp uniforming and definitely broke my faith in BSA's supply division.  ... Lost enthusiasm doesn't come back.

Many of my uniforms wore out after lots and lots of use.  The Oscar de la Renta uniforms were thread bare.  The centennial uniforms failed because they were used instead of displayed on a hanger.  

So at this point, I have one well worn uniform that I use.  I use it for district activities, troop activities, camp outs, etc.  Sometimes I wash it on long camp outs and hang it to dry.  I have one uniform.  I'm debating about buying a new one.  I'm not sure when though.  

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