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Youth Citizenship/Patriotism/Heritage awards....

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Hi fellow Scouting friends....

I'm hoping this network of Scout folks can help me with an issue.  I'm looking for a youth program that promotes patriotism, heritage, & citizenship.  The former Youth Patriotism Awards program was perfect for this and covered all of the kids I'm working with (not just scouts)...........  but that program had to close unfortunately    ( http://www.youthpatriotism.org/index.html )

Many moons ago we did the United States Heritage Award through Nations Trails ... but I've seen negative reports about them.  Has anyone done the program in the last year or so that could report on their experience?

Most importantly...   Does anyone have info on new or alternate programs that might offer similar structure and awards. 

Right now we're looking at using the existing materials and creating our own awards... While this will certainly work - kids do like to know that they are involved in something "official" ... so I'm hoping to find an active program to use.


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