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New Venturing Crew Here!

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After 10 yrs of GS, I have just started a Venturing Crew and couldn't be happier.  Have an amazing CO!

Just had our first recruitment event, which was more about being visible to the CO parish and making connects then actual recruitment.  Trying to learn as much as I can about the rules and our program, but I'd love to hear from Crews and their tips for newbies!

What was the first trip you went on?

How did you deal with funding when popcorn sales aren't going so great?


Thank you

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Welcome, and thanks in advance for all you do for the youth! You're in for a wild ride!

Our first? I can't remember if it was caving or whitewater rafting and subsequent camping. Then there was the go-cart evening. Then Seabase. Then skeet shooting. Then Skiing.

The high-schoolers in our community generally found employment to pay for their extracurriculars.

Car-washes are usually work well.

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Congratulations and welcome to Venturing!!

Venturing is the best scouting experience you will ever find. New challenges and adventures await!

Get involved wih your council VOA.  You can meet other crews, see what they are doing and plan a jpoint adventure! When your Venturers see that there are other Venturers in your area they will feel like they're part of a larger team. 

Here is a link to my tips for new Advisors.



Good luck and see around the campfire!


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