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4 hours ago, arronisoutside said:

Teaching?  Allow them to make mistakes, encourage them to give it a try, remind them that Scouting is a safe place to make these mistakes and help them understand what they could do different to succeed. 

Yep, you don’t here it much in that context anymore, but that is definition of “scouting is a safe place”.


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I didn't grow up in scouts, but I was outside all the time.  I went to a cub scout meeting and I remember thinking... why are we indoors for scouting?  I didn't join, just kept on doing my thing outside, making forts using techniques like lashing (I didn't know it had a name), and knots (not good knots).  I'm also a hunter, so staying out till way after dark and hiking into the woods in the dark were fun.  I learned map skills in Emergency Search and Rescue, as well as survival skills.

Scouting can offer a lot more than what I saw in that school gym when I was 8.  The scouts in my Troop live in the city, they have a difficult time getting away from that influence.  It's very fun to watch them lower their guard over a summer camp where there is no cell coverage.  They start to have fun, no longer caring about social stresses and expectations.  

I'm here to make sure that they have a fun time.  We are truly a scout run Troop, I have little input other than to make sure it's safe.

Plus, I get to be outside. :D


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