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My daughter's troop is disbanding.  She is in 7th grade, and has already completed a journey.  If we go the Juliette route, is there a place somewhere online that helps clarify requirements so she can continue, by doing just what she needs to do to advance properly with the silver and eventually the gold award?  Any help would be appreciated.  She is interested in joining BSA in 2/2019, so she will be very into scouting....I just would like to see her finish what she started in GS.


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I assume you already have the "Cadette Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting" which has some info about the Silver Award.

As far as more info about silver, my council has a "Silver Award Orientation" that one can attend to learn more.  Your council may have something similar.  Here is the link for my council: https://www.gsema.org/en/events-repository/2018/silver-award-orientation2.html 


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In my experience, the information is out there but it isn't consolidated in one place and you have to be proactive in finding it. Sometimes that means looking online, other times that means calls to your local council. My daughter and I took the online Bronze orientation but I have to say, it wasn't overly helpful.

You could always try to find another active troop. I know the challenges of that route but being a Juliette by default and not by intent can be lonely for your daughter when she is used to being in a troop.

My daughter's troop(s) folded three times and we spent a year as a Juliette before finding a troop last year that she could join (and I feel like we had to beg and plead to join that one). She currently does both GS and CS.

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