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Hang out on this page long enough and you'll get a 10% discount offer:



Here's the kit that you'll want for camp.  (We bought this one for our troop,  The extra handles are a necessity, as they get split when hit by subsequent throws.)



High dollar, more durable:



Our boys grew tired of tomahawks faster than we thought that they would,  It requires a time investment to get good at sticking them, and then more time to become accurate.  However our adults enjoyed the challenge.

Edit: Don't 'Google', 'Bing'!


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I do not favor throwing them. I would much rather the hatchet remain in the user's hand .   

That being said,  sharp edges do stick better than dull ones. And similarly to Archery Ranges, a WIDE , ALL AROUND safety area is desired.  Those tomahawks can bounce off the target stubs and travel a fur piece.  "Be careful out there". 


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