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Help Identifying 1930s patches

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Hello, I am trying to identify the following patches - they were from a First Class Scout in Richmond, VA - they are from the 1930's.  I know he attended the 1937 National Jamboree in Washington DC and the World Jamboree in 1935.  But I have no idea what these particular patches are.  Thanks.








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Most of these appear to be period insignia of US Army formations and a couple of rank insignia.

The Lincoln appears to be from the 84th Division (Rail Splitters).  The Shield with the Cross of Lorraine from the 79th Division.  The mountains in shield the 80th division, next one may be a special unit, the Circle A is the 3rd Army, the red diamond the 5th Division, The green with the horn appears to be a special unit, a couple of sets of sergeant stripes that I can't quite ID yet (They appear to be upside down) and the last one is the 4th Diivision (Ivy Division).  I'll poke around for those special unit and rank insignia.



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14 hours ago, DaveIng said:

Here are a few more I am trying to identify maybe these will help with the others as well




The top rank insignia is a World War I era 1st sergeant, upside down.  All of the patches that you have posted seem to be roughly from the world war I era.   The second one is eluding me so far, it looks so much like a motor sergeant, but the "thing" inside the wheel spoke is not on the standard motor sergeant insignia.  There were an ungodly number of different insignia for ranks and specialties for the US Army in World War I, so much so that they created supply issues and they standardized the ranks and insignia down to seven grades and basic insignia in 1920.   I'll keep digging for the newer images you posted, these are very cool and collectible pieces of history.  My guess is that since in the olden days the Army hosted the jamborees, these are surplus insignia that they gave to the scouts. 

In your newest set, the third patch down that looks like "SOS" is for the WWI AEF Service of Supply.  They were the troops assigned to move the supplies from the French ports up to the various units of the AEF. 

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