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A cautionary tale - or why you should always check your kit

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So.... following an expansion of the group in recent years and some attrition in our older tents I convinced the exec committee to release their grip on the purse strings and buy some new tents. We have some very nice tents that we like, namely Vango Omegas, you can still buy them so we bought some more.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. As we like to say this side of the pond.

Cheapest source of them is Amazon. 8 new tents. About £1700 spent.

This evenings scout program wasn't going to fill the whole evening (second half of pottery for creative challenge involving firing their creations. Ye Gods.) so got them to check through and put up the new tents.

No fewer than 3 out of 8 came out the bag with bent poles. Thankfully some mixing and matching was possible to make 7 fully functioning tents with only 1 being returned to the seller. 

It does though serve as a useful reminder to check kit before camping. A week on Friday these tents are due to get their debut!

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