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On ‎7‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 12:47 PM, Treflienne said:



Hand sew any patch that you think you might someday move or remove.   Comes off without leaving all the marks that machine-sewing does.   (Looks better, too.)   Best way to hold the patch in place while sewing is with masking tape -- since straight pins don't do well with the thick plastic-backed patches.

Hand sewing needles do not do well with those heavy plastic backing either.  I broke countless needles trying to get them through the backing, which is one reason I bought the sewing machine.  I use a clear filament thread, so you do not see any stitching, and you can adjust the size of the stitch so it is easy to remove if and when needed.

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The goo-gone cleaning environment needs to really clean as the possible. I found the partially removed adhesive turns into an instant dirt magnet. I also found that applying it from the inside of the shirt to help loosen up the patch. The adhesive was scrapped off the shirt with a sharp plastic knife repeatedly between additional applications. The de-goo'd spot was then repeated, gently washed with Dawn dish detergent to remove the goo-gone resident.  What a hassle, the and spot is never perfectly clean, as mentioned earlier.

Now I locate the patches with only a little BM and then have a local seamstress sew them on.

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