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FAIRVIEW, Kansas — After 50 years, Jim Spellmeier, who was a member of Boy Scout Troop 156, finally received his Eagle.

“The troop went away around that time, and then I was off to college and kind of forgot about it,” said Spellmeier.

But when he noticed contact information for the Pony Express Council in a news article recently, he reached out. Fortuitously, records from 1968 still are intact at the Boy Scout office, and pleased to right the situation, officials shipped out his award.

He credits Boy Scouts with giving him the opportunity to do things he wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t involved.

“I remember swimming a mile at Camp Geiger and earning my Lifesaving badge, which I actually had to use once,” Spellmeier said.

Not surprisingly, with some of his clearest memories relating to the water, the excellent swimmer was given the Mic-O-Say name of “Flashing Fin.”

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