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Heh that designer bag was a Scout Camp tent!

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Diamond Brand Gear (Asheville, NC) which has manufactured tents for the U.S. military for over a century, has recently embarked on a rebranding of its outdoor gear manufacturing business that unabashedly embraces its past. One example are its canvas messenger bags, which feature upcycled fabric from tents, the canvas reclaimed after use by Boy Scout troops.

Also, they’ve tweaked the design of Diamond Brand backpacks that were popular in the late 1980s to give a contemporary twist to the basic packs many once toted to school or took on day hikes. The packs have features like enhanced back support, a taller pocket (for carrying a bottle of wine or growler) and removable straps that can be interchangeable with various strap designs. Some incorporate upcycled fabric, as well.

“Our view is that we’re reclaiming our destiny,” Delaloye said. A revamped website and soon-to-be-added interpretative photos at the pop-up factory will help give a face to the company’s rich background, which has included decades of making gear for Boy Scouts of America.


The centerpiece of the Diamond Brand Gear's Pop-up Factory’s space (Asheville, NC) is a seven-by-nine-foot green canvas wall tent, of the type many Baby Boomers grew up with on family camping trips. The tent, which will be available to consumers this fall in different sizes, has added windows and an optional floor, said Delaloye. The canvas tents have previously been manufactured by Diamond Brand primarily for Boy Scouts.

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