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Scouting Displays / Display Award

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I’m sure that this forum has some great examples of public Scouting display events - booth shows, arena displays, Scoutoramas, etc. So let’s see them! What does your unit, district, or council do to spread the word about Scouting?


Side note: I’m also curious if anyone knows more about the “Display Award, No. 7119,” that’s referred to in the Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide. There’s no more information than advice to “make generous use” of it, and I can’t find any other references online as to what it is.



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No pictures (paradoxically, as you will read below). Just  memory ...

We had a council event when I was a scout where each troop was assigned a booth to present a merit badge. I convinced ours to choose Photography. We made pinhole cameras, took portraits of any scout who stopped by, and developed the film there on the spot. Our darkroom was a cardboard box with armholes for two scouts to open the exposed canisters and transfer the film to a developing canister (which allowed them to pour developer and fixer in the light), then to lay the negatives on photographic paper and expose and develop the positive image. Scouts visiting our booth could stop by an hour later and pick up their B&W photo.

It was an ugly looking contraption, but it worked!

The SM was pretty proud because he never developed film before (except his Polaroids) so he had to count on us to order materials, fabricate our box, and teach each other how to use it.

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Our District is doing a membership drive in Sept where multiple Units will be displaying crafts and skills. Our area has a great turnout for the youth building at our County Fair each year as well. Think my son made $18 last year for blue ribbon premiums. Our Blue and Gold is another good time to show off whats been made over the year. Don't have any pics as I stay pretty busy during events.

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