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Buggie, thanks for the great report.  I have just returned from camp as well.  Looks like we went to different camps but interesting that several of your observations hit home....

Three of our scouts are chomping at the bit to be on staff.  One was accepted, the other is working on the application. Another is going to apply next summer. 

Sad to say, a scout we've know for years has started down the wrong path.  His home life has always been awful.  Scouting was the one positive aspect in his life for several years.  Good heart, not an overachiever, but definitely tried hard to contribute.  However, he's about to age out and now he's acting up.  Comments, language, bullying, attitude, actions.  SM and I had several long talks with him.  He admitted his behavior was wrong but insisted he didn't have any self control.   We didn't coddle or kid him, we told him the stark reality of his situation.    "When you turn 18, this behavior will land you in jail or in a bar with a knife stuck in your gut."   (Sounds harsh but with the life he's living outside of scouting, these things could happen.)   He agreed, but kept circling back to the inevitability of bad things happening to him.  Worrisome. 

Underwater basket weaving--an actual camp activity!   At the waterfront!   I didn't sign up.  Arts/crafts were not my cup of tea as a scout.  When I strolled by I noticed everyone was soaking in the water (non-swimmer area, the heat was brutal) but their baskets rarely hit the H2O.  

As I get older, camping in high humidity is becoming more difficult.  Many hours of bright sunlight, heat, humidity, and not a wisp of a breeze.  Trees and flags drooping.  But we carry on!   I'll admit to bringing a battery operated fan for sleeping. 

I too found that my swimming ability suffered quite a bit, mostly due to lack of practice.

SPL did an outstanding job.

We had several new Scouts that had just crossed over.  For a few, this was not only their first summer camp, but their first Boy Scout camping experience.  Our SPL kept them on track.  These new Scouts got with the program immediately and did quite well. 

Lots of lost stuff.  Even the older scouts.  "Mr Desertrat, have you seen my phone/backpack/scout shirt/necklace/shoes/towel/etc."  Me:  "Sorry, I haven't, but I'll keep my eye out for it."   One scout stopped me in front of the trading post.  "Have you seen my shoe?"  He's wearing one shoe but just a sock on the other.  I gave my stock answer but thought:  how do you lose a shoe at the trading post?  At what point did he notice it was missing?  He found it eventually.

As the years march by, I understand more and more why summer camp is so important.  Not only for scouts, but scouters as well.


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The "Lots of lost stuff" made me laugh.  The SM was telling yet another scout that they needed to take better care of where their neckers were and not lose them or leave them somewhere. That they shouldn't be leaving things behind etc.  Right after that several of the scouters reminded him that he was just complaining about how he left his wood badge beads up where we had our adult meal last night. With a smile, he told us to be quiet.  lol  

Yup.  For those interested, Kerr Scout Ranch at Slippery Falls. Or as those who hate that the name changed a few years ago, they still call it, "Slip or Slippery Falls".  I find calling it by the older name is easier for everyone to recognize. And I hate long names. 

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Fixed camp name from Range to Ranch.
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