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Can a girl who gender identifies as a boy join a Scout troop now?

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32 minutes ago, FireStone said:

The one case we know of in Scouting, the NJ boy, my understanding of that case is that the only reason anyone found out is because the mother informed leaders, and word spread to a parent who took issue with it. On appearances, no one could tell he wasn’t born a girl. 

I don't think the articles at the time were very clear on how people found out, but I remember they did say that in the first grade the child switched from "presenting" as a girl to presenting as a boy.  He then joined the pack in third grade.  Presumably kids in the pack also knew him from school, so everybody knew anyway.  It may well be that the parent who complained was one of the few parents who did not already know about it.

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On ‎6‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 9:00 PM, ParkMan said:

It's covered in the interview.  He makes it pretty clear it is up to the CO.


I understand it is covered in the interview but if you are to treat them as what they put on their application then what would the CO use to disqualify the applicant?  Seems to me this would lead to some sort of discrimination complaint.

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