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A Few General Wood Badge Questions

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Lots of good info about the course and its delivery.  I'll add another perspective - 

I enjoyed my WB experience but (with much hindsight and additional perspective) I can say that I did not get much from WB in the way of real, tangible skills.  What I did get is a "spark" - one of my ticket goals was to join the district training team.  This led to lots more involvement at the district and council level, attending PTC, staffing WB / NYLT / PTC.  In short Ive met a boatload of amazing people, and helped them become better leaders so they can in turn help more youth become better people.



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@jjlash, I had the same experience. The people I met were very enthusiastic and that rubbed off. The rest was just okay. I wish I had had a better mentor for picking my ticket. I was just guessing.

BTW, I deleted your duplicate post.

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