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Our adult patrol cooks for ourselves.  This one is mine.

Slice challah bread down the middle and then into slices

Mix sufficient eggs and milk with a little bit of vanilla (no, I don't measure)

Slice bananas.

Fresh raspberries.

Warm a bottle of raspberry syrup in a pot of warm water.

Spread mascarpone cheese on 1 slice of bread.  Top with some banana slices.

Top that with another slice of bread to form a sandwich.

Dip both sides of the "sandwich" into the egg mixture.

Cook both sides on medium heat until properly browned.

Top with bananas, raspberries, raspberry syrup and some powdered sugar.

Watch your scouts drool!


Stuffed French Toast.jpg

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it's like a breakfast monte christo sandwich!

I love it!   

except I'd replace the raspberries and berry syrup with strawberries and either sweet strawberry juices or just a touch of natural maple...just a personal thing, raspberries are one of very few things I don't care for...

I'm gonna try that some day!

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