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Steam baking while backpacking

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This isn't an original idea, but I have actually done this, and found it to be fun, but not necessarily practical, in terms of time and fuel, for long distance backpacking.

You take a 1 liter or so pot with a lid  (I have an MSR stoway that's either 1.1 or 1.6 liters), and you buy a disposable aluminum pan (8x14 or so).  You cut a circle in the pan just a bit smaller than your pot (ideally, you perforate this with small holes, but it's not necessary).  Then you cut a strip about 3/4 an inch to an inch wide,   from the sides of the aluminum pan.  You spiral the strip in the bottom of your pot (with the short side perpendicular to the pot), almost cover the strip in water and then put the aluminum circle on top of the strip.  This makes the steam baking "oven."  Then mix up whatever packaged muffin mix (just add water type) per the directions.  Put the batter into an AL muffin liner to about half full.  I can put about three half-filled muffin liners in my pot on top of the apparatus.  Then fire up your stove until the water just begins to boil. Reduce the heat, and cook for about 20 mins or until the muffins rise.  This makes a soft muffin, but it really doesn't harden into a crust.  It's a nice treat, just takes a few minutes.  There is a commercial version of this called the Bakepacker. 



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I have tried it too. I found it more trouble than it was worth. Baking is much easier with a fire. Setting the same pot into hot ashes with the same foil ring (or a few stones) with no water allows for temps in excess of boiling and real baking. But if only a stove is avail then you are stuck with steam baking. I think the fuel consumption "outweighs" the benefit when LD backpacking though. ymmv. It is a cool trick, just not practical imo.

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