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One of my Scouts Passed away

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Saturday I said good-bye to one of my Scouts. Willie died last week from a fatal car crash. I was his Scoutmaster. I enjoyed William's sense of humor; his wit and his tremendous musical talent. He was a great guy I will miss him terribly. He always stood up for the little guy and made everyone laugh. His death is incomprehensible to me! I can't get my mind around the fact that William is no longer with us.


He had a family that dearly loved him, his father didn't always understand him but always accepted him and he was and is the hero of his two younger brothers. William also had many friends that loved him, he lived I think a happy although too short life.


This experience put focused my perspective as a scout leader, helping boys be happy by making smart and ethical decisions.


I loved him, I will miss him and I pray for him.


Sorry for the personal post, but thank you for listening.




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A little while back we lost a 16 year old who had been in the 2001 Jamboree Troop.

A loss like this and your loss makes the world seem out of wack.

OJ and I have just fought the "Why don't you read the instructions on the new weed eater" Wars. Seeing something like this makes it seem more then a little silly.

I can only echo the sentiments that have been expressed.


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The week after Christmas a Webelos Scout, a stepson of one of sons buddies in Scouting, passed away after 2 months in coma with an undiagnosable brain infection. He and his wife were and still active Scouters with only a four year daughter. It was devastating to lose a your child and for us to lose a young friend.


Isaacs name lives on in the name of our evening day camp this summer: Isaacs Incredible Jungle Adventure. Also the he received the Spirit of the Eagle from the National Court of Honor.


My prayers are with you and his family and may God give the strength to carry on.


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no need for any apology johnsned.


your grief makes my relationship with my scouts more meaningful. i hope never to go where you are now.


i just farewelled my oldest scout from the troop as he has reached max age. we both got glassy eyed as we shook hands for the last SM-PL time in an otherwise empty hall. to lose him or any of the others forever would be devastating.


thanks for sharing a little about willie

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I experienced something similar about four years ago. I received a phone call that an Eagle scout I had worked with in another city had suddenly passed away. He was a senior in college who most would consider the picture of health.


The next few days were rough to say the least. Very sad to see his parents, his older brother (also on Eagle scout), and other members and friends of the troop under such circumstances. His scouting achievements were highlighted as his mother had pinned his Eagle medal on him and asked me to make a few comments at his memorial service.


A year or so later I received a call from another leader in that troop that the scout's mom had called to see if the troop was interested in any of her son's camping gear. Several of the items have made their way to Mississippi and are being used by my 13 year old son.


I reflect often on this outstanding young man. Makes you appreciate what an enormous impact even the very young can make in the world.

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